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Saturday the 8th of March 2003 "Bukken" participated in the giant indoor event in Ahoy in the Netherlands for the first time. It became number 7 out of 10 Pro Stock-tractors.

It was the first time that "Bukken" was driving at an indoor event, so the team was busy making the extended exhaust pipe before going to Ahoy.

The "Bukke Bruse" team consists of Karsten Mouritsen (left), Rasmus Blach (middle) and Jacob Brøndum Jensen (right), and "Bukken" (directly translated: "The goat"?!?!?) - as it is often called - has until now pulled them a whole bunch of "tincans".

...Later we'll go more into details about the history behind the tractor, so please drop by later.

The next tractor in the row is the "Case IH MX 170" you know from the events today. Here it pulls a second place at the 1. round of the EuroCup 2002 at Herning Pulling Arena.

This year Jan Nielsen named the Ursus "Bukke Bruse" (...at the moment we can't come to think of, how this name
arose - we'll do a little research and return with further informations!).

This tractor is still "feared" and pulls at standard/farmstock events.

"The local bike-dealer" bought this"Ursus C-1201 de luxe", which Jacob Brøndum Jensen was driving. Later the same season Jan Nielsen joined the team.

Jacob Brøndum Jensen (in the middle) stands here with one of his first trophies (...tincups!). Well - at the time it was normal, that the first price was a t-shirt adveritsing the local grocery store! (NOTICE: ... Any respectable puller had AT LEAST one farmer-cap with the tractors brand printed on!!!).

Jacob Brøndum Jensen pulls here - 19 years old - at the town fair in Klejtrup. Way back then the tractor was a "Fordson Major" with around 220 h.p.! (Stands now in daddys barn - spending its old days bringing home straw!).